Sunday, June 5, 2011

An Olds Weekend

Nikki and I were at a trial in olds this past weekend. She had 1 Q in her gambles advance class. She tried hard in all 3 standard classes, but something about the table was a little scary so she bailed a few times. In jumpers we were only off by one bar. She did fanastic for the 2nd weekend in a row!

Every trial I'm learning more and more as we work together. This weekend I've learned that I really need to become more exciting then the ball! I love that she comes off the course so happy as she runs to get her ball, but I would love to see her be that happy on the course as well. My new set of classes coming up should help with that and I'm exciting to start them.

I love to work with her and to see how far she has come in her life. She actually sat out and said hi to a few people after her last run was done today which is a big change from hiding in the kennel. I makes me so happy to see my girly have more confidence!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wicked Weekend

Last weekend Nikki and I were at a trial in Medicine Hat

She had 3 Q runs on the weekend. 1 gambles and 2 snooker which gave us our 1st title

" Starters Games Dog of Canada."

It was so exciting!!!! She did very well in her other runs as well, she is gaining more and more confidence all the time!!! What a great weekend for us!

Yes, she is still afraid of the camera, it may steal her soul!!!!! But despite wendy taking pictures this past weekend she did very well . She only had one major melt down and only spotted wendy a few times on course but work through her fears really well.

I'm so PROUD of her!!!

Check out our Q snooker run: