Sunday, November 20, 2011

Finally.... it's about time!

I know what you're all thinking, it's about time I updated my blog! I'm not even sure where to begin its been so long. So I figure I'll just add a few agility pictures and a video to wrap up the summer!!!!!

But before I add all that I should give a bit more of an update....

Edmonton is treating us well. I LOVE my new job!! I fit in there so well and I feel like I'm already doing a great job. I'm working more with cows now and I love it. It adds more of a challenge since my large animal skills are a little weak but I've been told I fit in nicely and I'm doing a great job! I really like working for bovine clients. There way more easy going then small animal clients so it's a nice change from time to time. Right now I do a rotation of 2 weeks small and  2 weeks large which is great for right now but I think the next move will be to make the switch over to large animals completely. Some equine would be nice in there too! We will see what the future holds I guess, but for right now its great!

It's been such a crazy 6 months between steve and I decided to move back home and a few more personal things going on in my life. There are of course a few things I really miss about Lethbridge. I miss the Go Dog Go group and walks with some great friends,( that means you Maureen!) as well as Mel and Tina. I have joined an agility group that I believe is really going to work out for Nikkers and I! We had tired a different place for the month of october but it just wasn't the right fit for us.  I am now training with Justine Davenport and her group is called "shape up dogs". The class is great and everyone in it is very nice and willing to help each other out.There training style is just like Amandas and Sarahs. There are a few people in my class that are on the world team every year  it's very nice to have them around for help if I need someone. I'm very happy to have found them !!!!

Nikki and I have been working hard on agility as there are a few areas that are in need of improvment. The table is one and contacts are another! She getting faster all the time and I'm proud of her for that! She learning to love the game and is tugging and playing more and more each day. She as had to learn a few new commands but she has picked them up pretty fast. All my hard work is paying off!

My goofy guy caliber is doing well too! My obedience is on hold with him right now as I cannot afford to do both agility and obedience. I'm hoping we can do a class together in the spring. My rally novice ckc paper came in mail the other day. So proud!!! Aside from that he has unforunatly fractured his big molar on the upper right side of his mouth and yes it will have to come out. Sucky!!!!! In the next couple of months he will go under for surgery. I will be there right by his side charting his anesthetic!

All thats left is to wrap up the summer .......

Nikki at the Go Dog Go trial in august!

Some great agility photos from the medicine hat trial!

 The dreaded table and the picture that made it that way! Oh nikki !!!!!!!

Just the 3 of us in our backyard, before all the stupid snow!!!!!

If you haven't seen the blog hyperbole and a half check it out it's on my list, go to the dog section. The stuff this girl writes makes my day!