Sunday, July 10, 2011

Catch up!!!!

Wow, this summer is flying by leaving me little time to blog. Time to play catch up.

June 26th to be exact!!!!

Nikki, Caliber and I went to practice our rally at the park. It was a ton of fun when the sun came out and Amanda actually got a few pictures of Nikki!!!

 She got a BIG celebratory kiss from me when she was done!!!!!!! What a good girl!!!!

Then it was calibers turn, he did not to bad considering all the distractions

He such a handsome boy!!!! What a great job he did!

Thanks for the awesome pics Amanda!!!!!!!


I took off back home to visit my bestie Cathy!!!!!!! We had a fun filled weekend of shopping and partying!!!!! I miss her so much and I was so nice to see her!!!

We had tons of fun at a concert on Canada day that my friends boyfriend plays in!!! It was a good night!

I think i'm almost there.........

On July 6th Steve and I and the dogs took off to Waterton for the day. We had a great day hiking and eating lunch by the lake!!!  
 We hiked up to one of the falls. Caliber stopped a few times along the to take a bit of a dip he was pretty hot!!!!

I'm very cursed when it comes to Waterton, we were there for the 1st time a few years ago and I had fell really badly on my knee. I fell this time as well, right off the trial! Steve had to help me up. Luckily I only got a few bumps and bruises this time!!!

We stopped for the dogs to take a quick dip on the way back down, but they were more interested in hanging out with dad on the big rock!

I did however get them cooled off by dragging them thru the lake!!!!!

They were not too impressed !!!!!! but defiantly not as hot!!!!!!!

All in all it was a really great day, I love summer!!!!!!

Well that's it I'm finally caught up!!!!! Until next time.........