Thursday, December 15, 2011


So I had a great opportunity to watch Silvia Trkman's video Ready-Steady-Go the other day and have to say I did learn some valuable tips on how to make my nikkers run faster! So I know that Nikki's drive has been a little bit of issue for us for well always, so after watching this video I decided that its "Now or Never time" and since it has been on my mind and on my list of "To Do's" this video could not have come at a better time. Time to stop being lazy Ashley! I also decided to include caliber in my drive training because well why not. He needs something more to do these days and I believe some tricks and more fun will make him a little happier! 

Whenever I take on something new I'm always amazed at how much I learn. The dogs always seem to get it but I'm always surprised when I see the outcomes.

So lesson 1 (for me of course!): This has to be done SEPARATELY. Nikki is such a.....well lets just say it....a jealous B****. Even though I love her she can not handle not having all of the attention all the time. If anyone has some insight on this matter please feel free to comment.

I've also been thinking about my contacts with Nikki lately. They have always been weak which we all know is defiantly my fault but something that Silvia said that caught my attention was that she always trains running contacts and that a under confident dog should as well to keep up there speed. Now at this point I'm defiantly not looking for Nikki to become the fasted dog in the class, I'm just wondering if this will help her confidence out on course? Less to worry about for her and for me. Please feel free to comment on this matter as well!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Next 3 Assignments.....

So recently, well since the move I should say, Nikki has regressed a bit back to her stressed out self. I defiantly do not blame her as this move has been very stressful. There is so much that has changed in her little world. She is in a new place with downstairs neighbours that make noise of course, we are  training in a new place with new people and new dogs and Stephen is working full time now so he's home a little less throughout the day which both dogs have defiantly noticed. My poor Nikki always reads a lot into how I'm feeling and even though I'm very glad to be back it is a little stressful at times. I put a lot of effort into my relationships with people and now that I've returned not all of them are same. Some are strained and some I'm starting again scratch due to events before I left.

But enough with all the ME crap! Nikki's agility demeanour had changed slightly so I have come up with a plan to A. make it more fun and B. bring us back up the level she was at before the move. Don't get me wrong we are not way behind or anything we are just having a few issues with a few things.

So the plan is .........

A.It has been brought to my attention time and time again that Nikki's toy drive is defiantly lacking at times. So I've been shown a few ways on how it increase that drive and so far it looks like it is going to take a little work but I'm up for the challenge. This time I'm making sure I follow this one all the way through as I have a bad habit of quiting half way because its easier that way.

B. Weaves - Nikki has been seriously lacking in her weaves. Missing poles all over the place. So I'm back to weave training again. If I learn to love the weaves, Nikki will learn to love the weaves or so I've been told.

and C. the Table- Nikki was spooked off the table in the spring due to having her picture taking. Damn those camera's stealing her soul!!!! So now we are playing every table game under the sun!

Of course there are a few more things we should be working on but 3 is enough for now as far as I'm concerned.  I'll keep our progress posted! I really want to see my Nikki come back from her regression and move even farther a head then before!!!! :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Finally.... it's about time!

I know what you're all thinking, it's about time I updated my blog! I'm not even sure where to begin its been so long. So I figure I'll just add a few agility pictures and a video to wrap up the summer!!!!!

But before I add all that I should give a bit more of an update....

Edmonton is treating us well. I LOVE my new job!! I fit in there so well and I feel like I'm already doing a great job. I'm working more with cows now and I love it. It adds more of a challenge since my large animal skills are a little weak but I've been told I fit in nicely and I'm doing a great job! I really like working for bovine clients. There way more easy going then small animal clients so it's a nice change from time to time. Right now I do a rotation of 2 weeks small and  2 weeks large which is great for right now but I think the next move will be to make the switch over to large animals completely. Some equine would be nice in there too! We will see what the future holds I guess, but for right now its great!

It's been such a crazy 6 months between steve and I decided to move back home and a few more personal things going on in my life. There are of course a few things I really miss about Lethbridge. I miss the Go Dog Go group and walks with some great friends,( that means you Maureen!) as well as Mel and Tina. I have joined an agility group that I believe is really going to work out for Nikkers and I! We had tired a different place for the month of october but it just wasn't the right fit for us.  I am now training with Justine Davenport and her group is called "shape up dogs". The class is great and everyone in it is very nice and willing to help each other out.There training style is just like Amandas and Sarahs. There are a few people in my class that are on the world team every year  it's very nice to have them around for help if I need someone. I'm very happy to have found them !!!!

Nikki and I have been working hard on agility as there are a few areas that are in need of improvment. The table is one and contacts are another! She getting faster all the time and I'm proud of her for that! She learning to love the game and is tugging and playing more and more each day. She as had to learn a few new commands but she has picked them up pretty fast. All my hard work is paying off!

My goofy guy caliber is doing well too! My obedience is on hold with him right now as I cannot afford to do both agility and obedience. I'm hoping we can do a class together in the spring. My rally novice ckc paper came in mail the other day. So proud!!! Aside from that he has unforunatly fractured his big molar on the upper right side of his mouth and yes it will have to come out. Sucky!!!!! In the next couple of months he will go under for surgery. I will be there right by his side charting his anesthetic!

All thats left is to wrap up the summer .......

Nikki at the Go Dog Go trial in august!

Some great agility photos from the medicine hat trial!

 The dreaded table and the picture that made it that way! Oh nikki !!!!!!!

Just the 3 of us in our backyard, before all the stupid snow!!!!!

If you haven't seen the blog hyperbole and a half check it out it's on my list, go to the dog section. The stuff this girl writes makes my day!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Catch up!!!!

Wow, this summer is flying by leaving me little time to blog. Time to play catch up.

June 26th to be exact!!!!

Nikki, Caliber and I went to practice our rally at the park. It was a ton of fun when the sun came out and Amanda actually got a few pictures of Nikki!!!

 She got a BIG celebratory kiss from me when she was done!!!!!!! What a good girl!!!!

Then it was calibers turn, he did not to bad considering all the distractions

He such a handsome boy!!!! What a great job he did!

Thanks for the awesome pics Amanda!!!!!!!


I took off back home to visit my bestie Cathy!!!!!!! We had a fun filled weekend of shopping and partying!!!!! I miss her so much and I was so nice to see her!!!

We had tons of fun at a concert on Canada day that my friends boyfriend plays in!!! It was a good night!

I think i'm almost there.........

On July 6th Steve and I and the dogs took off to Waterton for the day. We had a great day hiking and eating lunch by the lake!!!  
 We hiked up to one of the falls. Caliber stopped a few times along the to take a bit of a dip he was pretty hot!!!!

I'm very cursed when it comes to Waterton, we were there for the 1st time a few years ago and I had fell really badly on my knee. I fell this time as well, right off the trial! Steve had to help me up. Luckily I only got a few bumps and bruises this time!!!

We stopped for the dogs to take a quick dip on the way back down, but they were more interested in hanging out with dad on the big rock!

I did however get them cooled off by dragging them thru the lake!!!!!

They were not too impressed !!!!!! but defiantly not as hot!!!!!!!

All in all it was a really great day, I love summer!!!!!!

Well that's it I'm finally caught up!!!!! Until next time.........

Sunday, June 5, 2011

An Olds Weekend

Nikki and I were at a trial in olds this past weekend. She had 1 Q in her gambles advance class. She tried hard in all 3 standard classes, but something about the table was a little scary so she bailed a few times. In jumpers we were only off by one bar. She did fanastic for the 2nd weekend in a row!

Every trial I'm learning more and more as we work together. This weekend I've learned that I really need to become more exciting then the ball! I love that she comes off the course so happy as she runs to get her ball, but I would love to see her be that happy on the course as well. My new set of classes coming up should help with that and I'm exciting to start them.

I love to work with her and to see how far she has come in her life. She actually sat out and said hi to a few people after her last run was done today which is a big change from hiding in the kennel. I makes me so happy to see my girly have more confidence!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wicked Weekend

Last weekend Nikki and I were at a trial in Medicine Hat

She had 3 Q runs on the weekend. 1 gambles and 2 snooker which gave us our 1st title

" Starters Games Dog of Canada."

It was so exciting!!!! She did very well in her other runs as well, she is gaining more and more confidence all the time!!! What a great weekend for us!

Yes, she is still afraid of the camera, it may steal her soul!!!!! But despite wendy taking pictures this past weekend she did very well . She only had one major melt down and only spotted wendy a few times on course but work through her fears really well.

I'm so PROUD of her!!!

Check out our Q snooker run:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My 1st post

Hello everyone! I'm very excited to start blogging about my adventures in life with my loving husband and my amazing Nikki and Caliber!

To catch you up to speed
My life became about everything dog when we adopted Nikki in 2008. We make a wicked agility team and have had a very awesome 2 years training and trialing! I could not imagine my life without her she brightens every day for me!
Go Dog Go Trial August 2010

The world has been a scary place for her at times but with each day she is gaining more and more confidence and becoming a happier dog!  

Medicine Hat Trial September 2010

In August of 2010 Caliber entered our life! He is a fun and lovable Karelian Bear Dog! I got a few interesting looks from a few people when I told them what breed came home with us, but it has been and awesome 9 months with him. He is teaching me to be more and more patient every day!

We have started into Rally Obedience and he has done really well so far! Just this past weekend he had his 1st show!!!! Two Q's! So pround of us!

Medicine Hat May 14 &15

We both had fun, but he was pretty excited to go home!

That's it for now, will be look forward to blogging more soon! Rally Video to come!!