Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Day, New Collars!!!

I decided with this new coming addition that it was time for new collars for Nikki and Cal. This was a tough decision for me only because  we picked their collars out when we adopted them and that's the collar they should wear forever!! I know WEIRD!! But I find sentimental value in them. I found a real awesome collar for the puppy so I decided that it was time for Nikki and Caliber too!!! Change is good. I ordered them from sliver foot and they came today.

Top one is Caliber's , the 2nd one is Nikki's and the last one is hopefully for our new addition!!!

Caliber and Nikki showing off their new fancy neck wear!!!!!!

The blue makes my boy look so handsome!!!!

Much girlier collar for my Nikkers - she is so pretty!

They are even Canadian made!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell next time!!!!

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