Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Welcome KADE

Well my new addition is here......... MEET KADE!!!!

I love her already!! Born June 5, 2012 she is 9 weeks now.She is already learning TONS each day! Nikki loves her already. They play a fair bit. Cal is still warming up to her. Not loving her quite as much as Nikki but he will get used to her! She is tons of fun so far and I am having tons of fun training her as well as working on stuff with Nikki and Caliber. Getting a new dog has seemed to get me excited about working with the dogs again. I'm feeling more excited about agility and working with Cal on obedience and such.

Enjoy some pictures.......

Playing with Nikki and trying to play with Cal..........

Cal and Nikki pics as well ...........

I really dislike you right now!!!!!Stupid camera

Call getting brushed - he is so happy when he is being brushed!

Waiting so patiently.

I love my dogs!

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